Jet d’Eau

The Jet d’Eau is a large 140m-high fountain in Lake Geneva, located in the Eaux-Vives district of Geneva next to where the lake flows into the Rhône. It is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and is visible from far away. There is a walkway, the Jetée des Eaux-Vives, to get right next to the nozzle. Here is a schedule of the operating hours of the fountain.

Above, the Jet d’Eau seen from Cathédrale Saint-Pierre.

Above, Jetée des Eaux-Vives.

Above, many swans.

Above, Lake Geneva (Lac Léman).

Above, Phare des Pâquis.

Above, nozzle. The water is pumped at a speed of 200 km/h.

Above, at the tip of the Jetée.

Above, Rade de Genève, looking towards the Rhône.

Above, Pâquis.


Towers of Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève is a church in the old town of Geneva. It was built as a roman catholic church in the Middle Ages but became the adopted home church of Calvin, one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. Entrance to the main building is free, however access to the towers, with an open air observatory and a great view of Geneva and the lake, costs 5 Fr.

Above, stairs to the towers.

Above, watch room in the south tower. That tower does not have an open air platform.

Above, bell tower, north tower and Jet d’Eau in the background.

Above, crossing to the north tower.

Above, Lake Geneva.

Above, Pont du Mont Blanc.

Above, open air platform of the north tower.

Above, Salève.

Above, RTS tower.

Above, south tower.

Above, Jet d’Eau and Eaux Vives.

Above, temporary ferris wheel for the summer.

Above, on the way down.

Above, back in the church.

Above, tomb of Duc de Rohan.

La Jonction in Geneva: Confluence of Rhône and Arve rivers

La Jonction is a place in Geneva where the rivers Rhône and Arve join with each other. Both rivers have different colors and, when meeting, their waters mix together into the one final river, Rhône. For a good view of this phenomenon, there is a viewpoint next to the water, as well as a bridge (Viaduc de la Jonction) 40m above.

Above, promenade along the Rhône, coming from Lake Geneva.

Above, viewpoint.

Above, Viaduc de la Jonction.

Above, Arve on the left side.

Above, Rhône on the right side.

Above, walking along the Arve in order to get to the Viaduc through the Bois de la Bâtie.

Above, there is a TPG bus depot right next to the Jonction.

Above, on the Viaduc.

Above, the mixing clearly visible from above.

Above, Viaduc seen from the Falaises de Saint-Jean.

Hike to Aiguille Croche & Mont Joly

During summer, I went on a hike to Aiguille Croche and Mont Joly, in the Beaufortain mountains above Saint-Gervais.

Here is a map of the path I walked (download KML):

In the morning, I took a train from Annecy to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet. From the train station, there was some time before the next bus, so instead of waiting, I walked through the forest until the next bus stop in the village of Saint-Gervais. From there, I took a LIHSA bus to the center of Les Contamines-Montjoie, a ski resort further in the valley. I switched to a free summer shuttle that got me to the Télécabine de la Gorge. I boarded the gondola then switched to another cable car, Télécabine du Signal, which arrived at Le Signal and the start of the hiking trail. The trail went through the Col du Joly on the way to the Aiguille Croche. There was a great view from up there with the Aravis, the Mont Blanc and the Beaufortain well visible. I then followed the ridge to Mont Joly, passing through Tête du Véleray and Tête de la Combaz on the way. There was also a great view from Mont Joly. I soon started on the steep descent and reached a dirt road after a while, which I followed until Mont d’Arbois. I arrived just in time to board the Téléphérique du Bettex before it closed. I needed to switch gondola at Le Bettex to get back to Saint-Gervais. Finally, I took a LIHSA bus to the train station and then a train to Annecy.

Above, Saint-Gervais train station in the morning.

Above, Le Bon Nant.

Above, I walked next to the tracks of Tramway du Mont Blanc in the beginning, before reaching the forest.

Above, bridge above Le Bon Nant. The bus stop was there.

Above, Mont Joly seen from the bridge.

Above, waiting for the shuttle at Les Contamines-Montjoie.

Above, near the Télécabine de la Gorge, still in the valley.

Above, on the Télécabine du Signal.

Above, at Le Signal.

Above, Aiguille Croche.

Above, dirt road to Col du Joly.

Above, Mont Joly.

Above, ridge between Aiguille Croche and Mont Joly.

Above, at Col du Joly, looking towards Beaufort.

Above, lake for artificial snow.

Above, Mont de Vorès.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, Col du Joly.

Above, snow cannon.

Above, Lac de la Girotte.

Above, ridge to Mont Joly.

Above, antenna at the summit of Aiguille Croche.

Above, looking towards Megève and the Aravis.

Above, Pointe Percée.

Above, Désert de Platé.

Above, Mont Mirantin.

Above, Col des Aravis.

Above, Mont Charvin in the background.

Above, clouds have covered the Mont Blanc.

Above, looking back at Aiguille Croche.

Above, Tête du Véleray.

Above, Aravis.

Above, Tête de la Combaz.

Above, Mont Joly.

Above, summit of Mont Joly.

Above, panorama to the north.

Above, on the way down.

Above, Mont Géroux.

Above, Saint-Gervais.

Aboe, Mont Joly.

Above, cross at Mont Joux.

Aboe, Aiguille Croche.

Above, Mont D’Arbois.

Above, on the Télécabine du Bettex.

Above, back in Saint-Gervais.

Above, on the train.