ArcGIS Server Flex API 1.1 released

The new version has been released a few days ago. There does not seem to be anything earth-shattering in the update, according to the release notes and my own experience with it. Just a few corrections here and there and more samples in the documentation. I have been using version 1.0 of the API since it got out of beta in October last year and I have enjoyed it very much. It may also have something to do with the fact Flex can be much less frustrating to work with than the HTML + JavaScript combo.

There is still something that irks me a bit: The “Powered by ESRI” logo that always appears when not using ArcGIS Server 9.3 layers, which for some reason I am mostly doing currently (with ArcIMS 9.3, although it would happen as well with WMS or other custom layers). There is a logoVisible property on the map that can be set but it is ignored in this case. I can understand it since this is after all the AGS Flex API, but still… Using Flex Spy to peek at the runtime component tree, I came up with this :

function reallyHideESRILogo() : void {
  if(! map.logoVisible)
    for(var i : int = 0 ; i < map.numChildren ; i++){       var component : UIComponent = map.getChildAt(i) as UIComponent;       if(component.className == "StaticLayer")     for(var j : int = 0 ; j < component.numChildren ; j++){       var stComponent : UIComponent = component.getChildAt(j) as UIComponent;       if(stComponent.className == "Image"){         stComponent.visible = false;         return;       }     }     } } [/sourcecode] This function is called when the map loads and every time a new layer is added, so that the logo does not appear, even with ArcIMS or custom layers.


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