Hike to Esja / Þverfellshorn peak

On my last day in Iceland, I went up the Esja, which is the mountain range north of Reykjavik. There are various trails there with a great view on the city. It is possible to get to the start of one of the trails using only Strætó buses:

  • From the Hlemmur terminal, take the 15 to Háholt in Mosfellsbaer (the stop is in front of a KFC).
  • From Háholt, take the 57 towards Akranes: Tell the driver you want to go to the Esja. He will drop you where you need to go.

The trail there goes to a peak called Þverfellshorn. Most of it is a steep but regular walk. The last part to get to the top is more challenging.

When I got there, at the edge of the mountain, the view on Reykjavik was great:

Further from the edge, there was a lot of fog and the landscape looked really strange:

I took many photos. Some of them are shown after the jump.

Above, looking up, in the early morning.

Above, looking down from the peak.

Above, a cairn in the fog.

Above, going down.

Above, Icelandic sheep.


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