MiniComi + International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition 2011 @ UBC

Total nerdfest at UBC yesterday: MiniComi (artist market & cosplay, similar to Japan’s Comiket) & International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition at the same location. I had to be there! It was a lot of fun.

Team Waterloo: By far, the best team of the event.

Seems like Domino’s Pizza was a sponsor.

Some androids showed up.

A stormtrooper as well.

Meanwhile at the MiniComi…

Nice ears!

Holding Buck Rogers’ ray gun.

Red Power Ranger.

Artists at MiniComi.

Lots of different hair color that day. Darth Vader was enjoying himself too.


Drag race: UBC vs Waterloo

Emergency Surgery.

Robot watchers. Kinect was used by a couple of teams.


Concentrating. MARRT is the McMaster Autonomous Robot Race Team.

Robot race.

Cosplayer in Black.

Cosplayers watching the race.


Resting at the end of the day.


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