Annecy – Albertville by bike

On August 26th, I took my bike on the Green Road (“Voie verte“) from Annecy to Albertville. On the way back, I took a more scenic path through Tamié Pass.

Here are some photos I took. Above, sunrise on Lake Annecy.

Above, in Albertville, on the site of the 1992 Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

Above, the “Tour Sarrazine” in Conflans, with the flag of Savoy flying at the top.

Above, Albertville from the road to Tamié Pass.

Above, abandoned school.

Above, a biker on the way to Tamié Pass.

Above, entrance to Tamié Fort.

Above, Albertville seen from Tamié Fort.

Above, Tamié Abbey.

Above, the Castle of Faverges.

Above, bike path on the way back to Annecy.

Above, sunset on Lake Annecy.

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