Tokyo Gate Bridge

Tokyo Gate Bridge (aka “Dinosaur Bridge”) is a 2,618-meter long bridge completed in 2012. It crosses Tokyo Bay from Wakasu Island to Chuo Bohatei (“Central Breakwater”). Interestingly, both sites are artificial islands made out of trash, although only Chuo Bohatei is still active and serves as the final disposal site of waste from all of Tokyo. The bridge then leads to a tunnel emerging in Jonanjima Seaside Park, near Haneda Airport and the Port of Tokyo.

It is possible to walk on the bridge, starting from a tower in Wakasu Park (map). However, the tower on the other side is closed, so you have to double back. Access to the bridge is free but it closes at 5pm.

Above, despite the heat, a lot of people were fishing.

Above. the Wakasu Tower that leads to the bridge.

Above, first steps on the bridge.

Above, view of the landfill on Chuo Bohatei.

Above, still fishing.

Above, tetrapods and Tokyo Bay.

The wind turbine in Wakasu Park visible on one of the photos has an Osamu Tezuka theme and is decorated with characters from his manga. Although it is not captured in the frame of the photo above, Astro Boy is on it as well.


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