Tokyo Wan Kannon

Last week, I went back to the city of Futtsu in Chiba Prefecture, but this time in the Sanukimachi area. This is where the Tokyo Wan Kannon, a 56m-high statue of Kannon, the buddhist Goddess of Mercy, is erected. I had a glimpse at it from the ferry when I went to Mount Nokogiri, wondering what that was. After I learnt more, I had to go!

The inside of the statue can be visited and there are stairs to an observatory at the top, which offers a great view on Tokyo Bay and the surrounding area. On a clear day, it is possible to see Mount Fuji. There are a also hiking trails and beaches nearby.

Above, view from Sanukimachi JR Station.

Above, on the way up to the statue.

Above, altar at the entrance to the statue.

Every floor had a statue similar to the one above.

Above, view on the way up.

Above, a statue of Mary and Jesus.

Above, the room on the top floor.

Above, view from the top.

Inside the statue, there were posters indicating what part of Kannon’s body the visitor was in. Above, the nose.

Above, altar near the statue.

Above, forest trail starting from the statue.

Above, on the way back to the train station.

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