Toyosu is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, not far from Odaiba. It is home to LaLaPort, a large shopping mall, and the Gas Science Center, as well as modern office and condo towers.

Above, the Toyosu Center Building.

Above, the Anniversaire Toyosu wedding hall.

Above, the IHI Building (left) and the Toyosu Cubic Garden (right).

Above, the Space Ball inside the IHI Building.

Above, the Toyosu Campus of the Shibaura Institute of Technology.

Above, Unisys building.

Above, crane at the Mitsui Shopping Park Urban Dock LaLaport TOYOSU (aka LaLaPort Toyosu). It is a shopping mall built on the remains of a ship building site.

Above, the Tokyo Gas Science Center, a free museum for kids where they can learn about all things gas-related. The building has a green roof with a view on Toyosu, Harumi Island and Tokyo Bay.

The houses on the photo above are actually model homes. They are decorated in most kawaii fashion.

Above, the Wild Magic Urban Outdoor Park.

Above, view of Toyosu from the bridge to Harumi Island.

Above, the massive @Tokyo data center.

Above, waterskiing in a canal between Toyosu and Ariake.

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