Hiking in Nikko

I went to Nikko (Tochigi Prefecture) last Wednesday. It is a mountainous area not far from Tokyo (~2h from Asakusa station). It is especially known for its historical sites (shrines, temples) but, since I had already visited those before, I instead went hiking in the Oku-Nikko area (奥日光).

Above, in front of the Tobu Nikko train station.

Above, Akechidaira Ropeway.

Above, Kegon waterfall and Lake Chuzenji seen from Akechidaira Observatory.

Above, forest trail from Akechidaira Observatory to Cha-no-ki-daira.

Above, marshland in Cha-no-ki-daira plateau.

Above, Mount Nantai seen from Cha-no-ki-daira viewpoint.

Above, Lake Chuzenji.


Above, wildlife on the way to Chuzenji.

Above, arriving at Lake Chuzenji.

Above, in front of the elevator to the foot of Kegon Waterfall.

Above, Kegon Waterfall.

Above, Lake Chuzenji.

Above, torii at the entrance to Futarasan Shrine in Chuzenji.

Above, gate to the trail leading to the summit of Mount Nantai, inside Futarasan Shrine.

Above, near Ryuzu Waterfall.

Above, Ryuzu Waterfall.

Above, forest trail from Ryuzu Waterfall to Senjogahara plateau.

Above, marshland in Senjogahara Plateau.

Above, Mount Nantai.

Above, Yudaki Waterfall.

Above, dango and fish at Yudaki Waterfall.

Above, Lake Yunoko in the Nikko Yumoto Onsen Area.

Above, on Irohazaka Winding Road, in the bus back to the train station.


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