Hike to Mount Tsukuba

Last week, I went to Mount Tsukuba, in the city of Tsukuba (Ibaraki Prefecture), north-east of Tokyo.  The mountain has 2 peaks: Nantai (871m, literally “male peak”) and Nyotai (877m, “female peak”). Mount Tsukuba has been worshipped for a long time and has a large shinto shrine at its base as well as small ones at the summit of the 2 peaks.

It is possible to get to the top by hiking up or by using either a funicular or gondola. I went for the hike and started at Tsukuba Shrine in the morning.

Then I took the so-called Miyukigahara trail that goes up to an area with shops between the 2 peaks.

Then I went to the summit of Nantai Peak.

Then I went on a forest trail around Nantai Peak.

After that, I went up to the summit of Nyotai Peak to take in the view.

Finally, I went down to Tsutsujigahoka, passing a few sacred rocks along the way.

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