Hike to Mount Oyama (Tanzawa Mountains)

Mount Oyama is a 1252m peak in the Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park, in Kanagawa Prefecture. I went there on a day trip a few weeks ago. The base of the mountain can be reached by bus from Isehara Station (Odakyu Line, 1 hour from Shinjuku). Halfway to the summit is the shinto Oyama-Afuri Shrine, which is also accessible by cablecar. After reaching the summit of Mount Oyama and taking in the view, I went down the mountain through Yabitsu Pass and then to Minoge, where I took the bus to Hadano Station.

Above, spinning tops are one of the local specialties.

Above, on the so-called Men’s Trail to Oyama-Afuri Shrine. There is also a  Women’s Trail that goes through Oyama-Dera Temple before reaching the shrine.

Above, Oyama-Afuri Shrine.

Above, on the path to the summit of Mount Oyama.

Above, view of Mount Fuji.

Above, shrine at the summit of Mount Oyama.

Above, at the summit, looking to the east.

Above, trail to Yabitsu Pass.

Above, nice autumn colors at Yabitsu Pass.

Above, on the way down to Minoge.

Above, in front of the Minoge bus stop.

Above, on the train back to Shinjuku.


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