Hatonosu Valley / Otama Trail

The Otama Trail is in Okutama City, in Nishitama District, the westernmost area of Tokyo. It is a gentle path that follows the Tama River from Kori to Okutama through well-built trails, mountain roads and suspension bridges. I followed it for a short section, from Hatonosu to Shiromaru Dam. Autumn colors were not fully there yet but the sights were still great.

Above, view to the west.

Above, view to the east.

Above, painters. There were a lot of them that day. Not sure what that one was seeing though…

Above, on the suspension bridge.

Above, on the way to Shiromaru Dam.

Above, on the Shiromaru Dam, looking east. The structure on the left bank is part of a ladder for fish to bypass the dam.

Above, the Shiromaru Dam and its lake.

Above, back in Hatonosu.


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