Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival

This festival begins as the trees in the Ginkgo Avenue inside Meiji Jingu Gaien turn yellow. There are also stalls selling specialty products from different regions of Japan, while the local mascots also make the occasional appearance. The event will last until December 9th.

Above, Mahae-chan, the mascot of the Okinawa islands.

Above, RyuRyu, the mascot of Fukui Prefecture.

Above, Bejitan, the mascot of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kumamon (the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture) was supposed to be at the event but did not show up while I was there.

Above, Meiji Memorial Hall.

Above, the main event, just north of the Ginkgo Avenue.

Above, Po, the mascot of the Mini-Manpaku food festival.

Above, rice with meat on a stick, with soy sauce.

Above, round gyoza.

Above, the famous ginkgo trees, with their yellow leaves.


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