Lake Okutama

After reaching Lake Okutama at the end of the Mukashi Michi trail, I spent some time on the Ogouchi Dam itself. I then walked in the area north-west of the dam: There are some nice view points of the lake. Finally, I ended the day by hiking up Mount Kurato (倉戸山). However, the view at the summit was blocked by trees so it was a bit of a letdown. I also managed to get lost on the way down… Another option would have been to walk the combined Ikoi trail (奥多摩湖いこいの路 ; literally “Lake Okutama Relax Trail”) + Lakeside Path (湖畔の小道), two easy trails that follow the south bank of the lake all the way from the dam to the so-called Drum Bridge (a floating bridge), near the Ogouchi Shrine.

Above, looking east, towards Tokyo.

Above, this path leads to great views of the lake.

Above, this is the highest point in the area.

Above, red Japanese maple leaf.

Above, on the way to Mount Kurato, looking down on the Lake view points, where I just was.

Above, summit of Mount Kurato. One of the popular paths to Mount Kumotori (the highest peak in Tokyo) goes through there.

Above, fallen leaves made the trail hard to spot.


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