Nagatoro: Iwadatami Rocks & Mount Hodo

After getting down from Mount Buko, instead of directly going back to Tokyo, I made a quick detour by Nagatoro, north of Chichibu City. The area is famous for the Iwadatami Rocks, next to the Arakawa River. It is possible to ride a traditional Japanese boat through rapids but I was too late for that. However, fall colors were in full swing. The other attraction of the area is Mount Hodo, a 497m high mountain. There is a ropeway to the summit about 20min from the Iwadatami Rocks. I arrived just in time to watch the sunset.

Above, on the Iwadatami Rocks.

Above, people riding the boat down the Arakawa River.

Above, torii on the way to Mount Hodo Ropeway.

Above, Hodosan Shrine.

Above, the “Bambi” ropeway car.

Above, at the summit.


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