Hike to Mount Iwatakeishi & Mount Bounoore

A few weeks ago, I went back to Mitake to continue the trail to Mount Bounoore I had planned to do then but abandoned due to the fog.

I basically followed the plan outlined here (with map). I started at Mitake station in the morning. After some time in the valley, I started on the trail to Mount Iwatakeishi (岩茸石山; 793m). The last time I was there, I could not see anything because of the fog but, that day, the view was great. Then I continued to Mount Bonoore (棒ノ折山 or 棒ノ嶺; 969m), passing Mount Kuro (黒山) along the way. I then went down to Hyakkenja-ya Camping Ground (百軒茶屋) and walked the mountain road all the way down to Kawai station.

Above, at Mitake station.

Above, at the trailhead.

Above, summit of Mount Sogaku.

Above, view from the summit of Mount Iwatakeishi.

Above, view of Mount Takamizu.

Above, on the trail to Mount Bounoore.

Above, the red fruit of the plant called Mamushigusa or Japanese Cobra Lilly (Arisaema Serratum). It is quite toxic.

Above, the tip of Mount Fuji.

Above, view of Lake Naguri (名栗湖), an artificial lake created by the Arima Dam.

Above, summit of Mount Bonoore.

Above, trail on the way down to Hyakkenja-ya.

Above, field of wasabi.

Above, Obata River at Hyakkenja-ya.

Above, mountain road on the way to Kawai station. There are buses that go to the station but they are not very frequent.

Above, bridge on Tama River, seen from Kawai station.


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