Tokyo walk: Asakusa / Oyokogawa Shinsui Park / Kinshicho / Kiba / Toyosu

After Senso-ji, I went for a walk in the area of Tokyo east of the Sumida River.

Above, Asakusa.

Above, crossing the Sumida River.

Above, Asahi Beer Hall.

Above, Tokyo Skytree.

Above, north end of the Oyokogawa Shinsui Park.

Above, flying kite.

Above, tennis court near the south end of the park.

Above, new year decoration.

Above, near Kinshicho station.

Above, Kinshicho Park.

Above, Oyokogawa River.

Above, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

Above, bridge in Kiba Park.

Above, flying kites in Kiba Park.

Above, falcon.

Above, statues at Gatharia shopping mall.

Above, condo towers at Toyosu Island.

Above, Toyosu Yurikamome station.

Above, @tokyo data center.

Above, Lalaport Toyosu shopping mall.

Above, view from the bridge to Harumi Island.

Above, Harumi Island Triton Square.

Above, on the moving walkway inside the bridge to Kachidoki Island.

Above, Sumida river from the bridge to Tsukiji.

Above, Kabuki Theatre in Tsukiji.


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