Tenen Hiking Trail in Kamakura

The Tenen Hiking Trail connects Kenchoji Temple in Kita-Kamakura with Zuisenji Temple in the east of the city, leading mostly along the ridge of the hills. I had come back to Kamakura intending to do the 3 hiking trails listed on that page but it was not great because of the melting snow that made the trail very muddy. I ended the day in Enoshima instead.

Above, at Kenchoji Temple.

Above, on the path to Hansobo Shrine, behind Kenchoji Temple.

Above, Tengu statues before the shrine.

Above, view of Kenchoji Temple from the observation deck.

Above, on the trail.

Above, view of Yokohama and the Landmark Tower in the distance.

Above, summit of Mount Ohira. At 159m, it is the highest point of Kamakura.

Above, at Zuisenji Temple.

Above, plum tree in blossom.


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