Snow at Mount Takao: Trail #6 / Konpiradai Trail

Mount Takao has many trails to and from the summit. This time, I took trail #6 to get to the summit. There was still a lot of snow left. On the way down, I started on trail #3 then followed the paved road (trail #1) until Konpiradai, where I took a trail through the forest. I then walked to the Takao Keio station.

Above, Biwa waterfall.

Above, I was surprised by the quantity of snow left.

Above, at the summit.

Above, trail #3. I did not follow it all the way because of the snow.

Above, there were much fewer people than usual.

Above, tunnel north of Mount Takao.

Above, trail #1.

Above, at Konpiradai (金比羅台).

Above, view of Hachioji from Konpiradai.

Above, plum tree in blossom. There is currently a plum festival in this area (Mount Takao Plum Festival).

Above, orange pagoda. It can be seen from the Takao train station. I walked there to check it out but it was already closed (4pm) when I arrived.


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