I finally visited Kyoto (as well as Osaka and Nara) this week.

I took the Shinkansen in Tokyo on Monday morning and arrived a bit more than 2 hours later in Kyoto. I walked from the train station to Sanjusangendo Temple and its 1000 statues of Kannon. Then I continued to Kiyomizudera Temple. Part of it is currently undergoing renovation so I could not visit all the buildings. I walked for a bit in the area (known as Higashiyama) and visited the Ryozen Kannon war memorial as well as the Kodai-ji Temple and its zen garden. I then made my way to the Yasaka Shrine and then on to the huge Heian Shrine. After that, I took the bus to Ginkaku-ji Temple (“Temple of the Silver Pavilion”). Not having reached temple overload yet, I ended the day at Kinkaku-ji Temple (“Temple of the Golden Pavilion”). Contrary to the Silver Pavilion (not actually covered in silver), this one is indeed plated with gold leaf. I then went back to my hotel, near Kyoto train station.

Above, Kyoto Tower, in front of the train station.

Above, Kamo River.

Above, the Sanjusangendo Temple.

Above, gate to Kiyomizudera Temple.

Above, the main hall of Kiyomizudera.

Above, Higashiyama district.

Above, the giant statue of Kannon at the Ryozen Kannon War Memorial.

Above, Nene and Hideyoshi in front of the Kodai-ji Temple.

Above, entrance to Kodai-ji Temple.

Above, stone garden at Entokuin Temple.

Above, geisha.

Above, Yasaka Shrine.

Above, pond at Maruyama Park.

Above, torii leading to Heian Shrine.

Above, Daimonji character on Daimonji-yama. It is set on fire during the Daimonji festival in August.

Above, stone garden at Ginkaku-ji Temple.

Aobve, Silver Pavilion.

Above, torii leading to the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, in western Kyoto.

Above, Hidari-Daimonji character on Daihoku-San.

Above, the famous Golden pavilion at Kinkaku-ji Temple.

Above, sunset at Kyoto station.


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