Osaka is the biggest city in the Kansai region. By train, it takes about 30min to get there from Kyoto.

Above, Osaka train station.

Above, Umeda Sky Building. Unfortunately, I was too early for the observatory (opens at 10am).

Above, view of the Umeda Sky Building from the Wind Plaza (11F) of Osaka station.

Above, Sky Farm, on the roof of Osaka station.

Above, Umeda area in front of the station.

Above, National Museum of Art on Nakanoshima Island.

Above, Kyu-Yodo River.

Above, moat surrounding the Osaka Castle.

Above, time capsule from Expo’70.

Above, Osaka Castle.

Above, view from the top floor.

Above, NHK Osaka Broadcasting Center.

Above, gate to Shitennoji Temple.

Above, the Abenobashi Terminal Center (aka Abeno Harukas). At 300m, it is the tallest building in Osaka.

Above, Tsutentaku Tower.

Above, Shinsekai.

Above, statue of Billiken, the “God of things as they ought to be”.

Above, view of Abeno Harukas and the Osaka zoo from Tsutentaku Tower.

Above, Dotonbori Street, in the Namba area.

Above, Yodo River from Tempozan Harbor Village, in the Bay Area.

Above, Mount Tempozan. At 4.53m, it is the smallest mountain in Japan…

Above, Santa Maria.

Above, Osaka Aquarium.

Above, on Sakishima Island.

Above, Maritime Museum (now closed).

Above, Cosmo Tower.

Above, view from the observatory at the top of Cosmo Tower.

Above, Namba at night.


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