Hike from Yoshino Baigo Plum Park to Mount Hinode & Mount Mitake

After the plum festival at Yoshino Baigo, I went on a hike to Mount Hinode and Mount Mitake. I then took the cable car to get down to the valley.

Above, the trail starts in the hill across the street from the entrance to the park. Another option is to go up the paved road until the torii.

Above, view of Ome City.

Above, mountain shrine with a view.

Above, there was still some snow left.

Above, at the summit of Mount Hinode.

Above, view of Mount Mitake.

Above, a shiba inu dog at Mount Mitake.

Above, stuck under the stairs to Mitake shrine.

Above, Mitake shrine.

Above, torii on the way to the cable car station.

Above, area in front of the cable car station.

Above, Mount Hinode.

Above, road to Mitake Valley. The next bus from the cable car station to Mitake station was in 40min so I walked there instead. It takes about 30min to the station.

Above, Tama River.


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