Sumida Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Sumida Park straddles both sides of the Sumida River near Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. It contains a large number of cherry trees that make it a very popular spot during cherry blossom season. I went there after Ueno Park, since it is quite close.

I started my visit with Senso-ji Temple. Above, Nakamise shopping street.

Above, Hozomon Gate.

Above, the main hall.

Above, Sumida Park (west side of the Sumida River).

Above, Tokyo Skytree.

Above, the park has multiple types of cherry trees.

Above, I made a detour through Imado Shrine where the manekineko (beckoning cat) supposedly originated (although Gotoku-ji in Setagaya also claims the same). The shrine is popular with people seeking good luck in love.

Above, on the east side of the Sumida River.

Above, Ushijima shrine.

Above, the famous nade-ushi cow statue.


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