Hike to Mount Ougi & Mount Momokura

Mount Ougi (扇山; Ougiyama; 1138m) and Mount Momokura (百蔵山; Momokurasan; 1003m) are 2 mountains located in Otsuki, in Yamanashi Prefecture. In good weather, they offer great views of Mount Fuji. I went there on a hike a couple of weeks ago. I basically followed this itinerary (in English). From Shinjuku in Tokyo, using the Chuo Line, it takes about 1h30 to reach the start of the hike at Torisawa station (鳥沢駅). It ends at Saruhashi station (猿橋駅).

Above, the paved road to reach the trailhead to Mount Ougi.

Above, the Chuo Expressway.

Above, first glimpse of Mount Fuji.

Above, statue at the trailhead.

Above, there was still a lot of snow on a section of the trail on the way up to Mount Ougi.

Above, Mount Fuji.

Above, summit of Mount Ougiyama.

Above, on the way to Mount Momokura.

Above, summit of Mount Momokura.

Above, on the way down the mountain.

Above, area with a view.

Above, the Chuo Expressway.

Above, parking zone at the end of the trail. From then on, the path follows a paved pedestrian path (following the stairs).

Above, Saruhashi station is on the other side of this bridge. I actually made a detour to have a look at the Monkey Bridge (猿橋; Saru Hashi) before going to the station.

Above, view of Mount Ougi (right) and Mount Momokura (left) from Saruhashi station.

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