Kawasaki Daishi Temple & Daishi Park

While waiting for the start of the Kanamara festival mikoshi parade, I visited the nearby Daishi Temple, as well as Daishi Park and its Shinshu-en Chinese garden.

Above, approaching the temple.

Above, festival booths.

Above, prayer hall for safe driving.

Above, octogonal five-storied pagoda.

Above, statue for Prayer and Peace.

Above, main hall.

Above, small buddha in a hanamido pavillion (for hana matsuri).

Above, priest performing the Goma fire ritual.

Above, Dai-Senmon gate.

Above, daruma dolls in Nakamise street.

Above, preparing rock sweets.

Above, at Daishi Park.

Above, Shinshu-En Chinese garden inside Daishi Park.

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