Hike around Lake Ashi in Hakone

After getting down from Mount Komagatake, I walked on the road in the direction of Moto-Hakone, at the southern end of Lake Ashi. I spent some time at the Hakone shrine and at the Hakone Detached Palace. I then took the so-called Outer Rim Trail (外輪山のハイキングコース) that follows the Ashinoko Skyline Road in the mountains west of Lake Ashi. I followed the trail until I reached Togendai, at the northern end of Lake Ashi. I arrived just in time to catch the last express bus to Shinjuku.

Above, lake torii at the Hakone shrine.

Above, stairs to the main hall of the shrine.

Above, one of the torii at Moto-Hakone.

Above, the “classic” Hakone shot, with the torii and Mount Fuji. I finally got it! I had been there twice before but, each time, Mount Fuji was masked by clouds.

Above, cedar avenue.

Above, lookout point at the Hakone Detached Palace.

Above, Hakone checkpoint.

Above, torii at Komakata shrine.

Above, on the way to the roadside station (道の駅) and the Ashinoko Skyline Road. There is also an alternative path to Togendai that follows the shore of the lake.

Above, view from the roadside station.

Above, Ashinoko Skyline Road and Mount Fuji.

Above, Yamabushi Pass (山伏峠).

Above, view from the lookout point at Yamabushi Pass.

Above, some snow on the trail to Mount Mikuni (三国山).

Above, looking towards Togendai.

Above, at Kojiri Pass (湖尻峠), after sunset.

Above, trail to the shore of Lake Ashi and the Ikejiri Floodgate (池尻水門).

Above, on the shore path.

Above, waiting for the bus at Togendai.


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