Hakuunsan Torii Kannon

Last week, I went on a hike that started from Naguri Village, in Hanno City (Saitama Prefecture). While researching the path, I learned about the Hakuunsan Torii Kannon (白雲山 鳥居観音). It is a large park built on a mountain in Naguri, with multiple temples and monuments, the most impressive of which is the white Dai-Kannon (救世大観音 ; Guze Dai-Kannon). At 33m, it is a large statue of Kannon that can be seen from quite far. Like at the Tokyo Wan Kannon, it is even possible to climb to the head (but it was not open yet when I was there).

Above, buddhist temple at the base.

Above, the car road to the Dai-Kannon. There is a path for walkers too (see the map), but I missed it (it starts behind the toll booth).

Above, three-story pagoda.

Above, the Dai-Kannon.


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