Hike from Lake Naguri to Ome: Mount Bonoore, Mount Iwatakeishi & Mount Takamizu

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently went hiking in Naguri (名栗), in Saitama Prefecture. It is a popular hiking area with many trails to choose from. For myself, I followed a trail to Ikusabata station, in Ome  City (Tokyo), passing through Mount Bonoore, Mount Iwatakeishi and Mount Takamizu. Here is a map of the trail (in reverse direction).

Starting at the pagoda of Hakuunsan Torii Kannon (白雲山 鳥居観音), I took the trail to Konpira shrine (金比羅神社跡). From there, I went down the mountain to reach the paved road that leads to Lake Naguri (名栗湖) and the Arima Dam (有間ダム). Starting on the south-east side of the lake, I followed the Shirayazawa (白谷沢) trail to Gonjiri Pass (ゴンジリ峠): The trail goes through a gorge carved out by a river. From the pass, I went on to Mount Bonoore (棒ノ折山). I then doubled back to the pass and walked through Mount Iwatakeishi (岩茸石山) and Mount Takamizu (高水山). On the way down, I passed a temple then got out of the forest and followed the paved road to Ikusabata station (軍畑駅) in Ome City.

Above, waiting for the bus to Naguri at Hanno station.

Above, stairs to the Konpira shrine in front of the pagoda.

Above, the shrine.

Above, paved road to Lake Naguri. The closest bus stop is Sawarabi-no-yu (さわらびの湯).

Above, the dam.

Above, Japanese hikers in standard uniform.

Above, Lake Naguri.

Above, start of the Shirayazawa trail.

Above, Gonjiri Pass.

Above, summit of Mount Bounoore.

Above, view of Lake Naguri in the distance.

Above, on the way to Mount Iwatakeishi,

Above, azalea.

Above, summit of Mount Iwatakeishi.

Above, view of Mount Takamizu.

Above, on the way to Mount Takamizu.

Above, small shrine at the summit of Mount Takamizu.

Above, Mount Takamizu Temple.

Above, snake on the road.

Above, in front of Ikusabata station, in Ome City.


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