Tokyo Walk: Temples & shrines of Asakusa (Part 1)

Asakusa has a large number of shrines and temples in easy walking distance from each other. There is even a pilgrimage of the 7 Lucky Gods, where you can go through a few of those shrines and collect stamps along the way. For myself, I did my own pilgrimage last April. Starting in Uguisudani, the least used station of the JR Yamanote line and finishing at Senso-ji, I visited:

  • Onoterusaki Shrine
  • Otori Shrine
  • Benten Pond
  • Yoshiwara Shrine
  • Tobi Fudoson Temple
  • Ishihama Shrine
  • Hashiba Fudoson Temple

In part 2, I will visit the following:

  • Imado Shrine
  • Matsuchiyama Temple
  • Asakusa Shrine
  • Senso-ji
  • Yasaki Shrine
  • Kappa Temple (Sougen-ji)

Above, train tracks near Uguisudani station.

Above, Onoterusaki Shrine.

Above, Fujizuka. Apparently, it is only open for walking on the 1st of July.

Above, Otori Shrine.

Above, Benten Pond.

Above, Yoshiwara Shrine.

Above, soaplands of Yoshiwara.

Above, kids park near the soaplands.

Above, Tobi Fudoson Temple. It is a reputed to offer protection to travelers.

Above, Ishihama Shrine.

Above, walking next to the Sumida River.

Above, Hashiba Fudoson.

Above, Tokyo Skytree.


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