Tokyo Walk: Temples & shrines of Asakusa (Part 2)

Continuing the visit to the temples and shrines of Asakusa. First, Imado Shrine, which claims to be the birthplace of the maneki neko (beckoning cat).

Above, Imado Shrine, a love power spot.

Above, those are all enmusubi ema plaques.

Above, daikon at Matsuchiyama Temple.

Above, Matsuchiyama Temple.

Above, Sumida Park.

Above, Asakusa Shrine, near Senso-ji.

Above, swordplay.

Above, a pig!!! I also saw it at Sanja Matsuri.

Above, Senso-ji.

Above, kappa statue at Kappabashi-Hondori.

Above, golden kappa statue.

Above, Yasaki Shrine.

Above, Sougen-ji (aka Kappa Temple).

Above, arcade decoration in Kappabashi Street.

Above, back at Senso-ji for sunset.


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