Hike from Hinohara Village to Lake Okutama (Part 1): Mount Sengenrei & Mount Mito

A few days after my hike to Mount Usuki and Mount Jinba, I went back to Hinohara Village: This time, I took the trail to Mount Sengenrei (浅間嶺). After the summit, I kept walking on the Sengen Ridge (浅間尾根) until I reached Hinohara Tokyo Citizens’ Forest (檜原都民の森; Hinohara Tomin-no-Mori) and Mount Mito (三頭山), which I had already climbed starting from Lake Okutama. After that I went down to the Visitor Center, enjoying the Forest Therapy Road and the sight of the Mito Waterfall (三頭大滝; Mito Otaki). When I set out in the morning, I had planned to stop there but there was still a bit of time before sunset so I decided to keep going all the way to Lake Okutama (奥多摩湖), going up again through Mount Toishi (砥山) and Mount Tsukiyomi (月夜見山) before going down to the lake through the camping grounds of the Mountain Hometown Village (山のふるさと村; Yama-no-Furusato Mura). I then crossed the lake at the Floating Bridge (浮橋; Ukihashi) and waited for the bus on the other side.

In this post, I will cover the path until Mount Mito. I will post photos of the part until Lake Okutama in part 2.

Above, the trail starts at the same bus stop as for the Hossawa Waterfall (払沢の滝入口; Hossawa-no-taki Iriguchi). The bus schedule is here.

Above, Mount Gozen.

Above, Mount Odake.

Above, this is the start of the forest trail.

Above, Mount Fuji from an area just before the summit of Mount Sengenrei.

Above, Kazuma Pass (数馬峠).

Above, Road 206, which goes to Lake Okutama.

Above, I had to walk on the road for a bit to reach the rest of the trail to Tokyo Citizens’ Forest and Mount Mito.

Above, structure at the east peak of Mount Mito.

Above, the middle peak of Mount Mito.

Above, the west peak of Mount Mito.

Above, Mount Fuji.


4 thoughts on “Hike from Hinohara Village to Lake Okutama (Part 1): Mount Sengenrei & Mount Mito

  1. This looks like an interesting hike for this weekend!

    One question – I am guessing you did this all in a day, but wondering how long it took you all in all? :)

    1. Yes it was in a day. It took about 10 hours of walking, which I would say was a bit much for me… Probably a less strenuous path is to stop at Citizen’s Forest (it was my original intention; watch out for the bus schedule though) or to go down directly to Lake Okutama from Mount Mito instead of going through Mount Tsukiyomi.

      You can use this site: http://www.yamareco.com/ (in Japanese) to search for an itinerary through the summits you are interested in: Most trail details contain a map and a timeline.

      1. Thank you! 10 hours actually sounds good, currently training for a sea-to-summit try on Fuji so I have been looking for longer ones.

        Checking out yamareco.com now, I have been using mountreco.com but had no idea a Japanese counterpart existed. You’ve just made my hike planning waaaay easier. :)

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