Otama Walking Trail: Hike from Kori to Okutama

The Otama Walking Trail is a nice and easy 8km trail in Okutama, in western Tokyo. It follows the valley formed by the Tama River from Kori station to Okutama station. I had already followed the section of the trail in Hatonosu Valley last autumn but I came back for the whole trail in spring. It took me about 3.5 hours to reach Okutama.

Above, Kori JR station.

Above, the trail is well marked, with English signs. It is possible to get lost though…

Above, this is the start of a forest trail to Hatonosu.

Above, Tama River.

Above, observation point. There is a trail that goes to the shrine of Mount Mitake branching from there.

Above, at Hatonosu.

Above, on the Shiromaru Dam. Starting there, the forest trail was closed so I had to cross the dam and walk on the Ome Kaido road until I found a bridge a little after Shiromaru JR station, in order to cross the river again and rejoin the trail. The road does not have a pedestrian walkway unfortunately.

Above, fish ladder. Normally it can be visited from April to October but it was closed for repair when I was there.

Above, Ome Kaido.

Above, bridge to the trail on the other side of the Tama River.

Above, at Unazawa.

Above, after Unazawa, I followed the road until I reached Okutama station since I wanted to be there in time to catch a bus to Lake Okutama. However, there is another forest path which starts near the high school and ends at the Tama River close to the station.

Above, Okutama.


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