Arakawa Shizen Park

Arakawa Shizen Park (荒川自然公園) is a public park in Arakawa City, near the Arakawa Nanachome (荒川七丁目) stop of the Toden Arakawa line. It has a couple of ponds (one is crawling with turtles), a few sports facilities and some weird statues. It is also a popular spot during sakura season.

Above, on the way to the park, aboard the Toden Arakawa streetcar.

Above, I was a bit lost when I got off the street car so I walked until the next station to find another entrance.

Above, turtles in their own pond.

Above, water purification plant near the park.

Above, Tokyo Skytree.

Above, shrine on the way to Minowa subway station.


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