Last post about Japan: Tokyo people

I had to leave Japan at the end of my 1 year Working Holiday Visa, which made me sad… Anyway, I mostly posted pictures of buildings or landscapes until now, so for my last post about Japan, here are a few pictures of the people of Tokyo.

Above, salaryman sleeping on the train.

Above, near Kabukicho.

Above, Yurito (2020 Tokyo Olympics mascot) in Odaiba.

Above, Sonic in Ikebukuro.

Above, at the opening of the Uniqlo store in Okachimachi.

Above, Mikyan (mascot of Enohime prefecture).

Above, inside the Panasonic showroom in Ariake.

Above, mascot of the Porta shopping mall in Kyoto.

Above, Po, the pig mascot of the Manpaku food festivals.

Above, Mahaechan (mascot of Okinawa).

Above, Kenketsu-chan, the blood donation mascot.

Above, Gunma-kun mascot.

Above, Seijin-no-Hi at Meiji Shrine.

Above, owl in Yoyogi Park.

Above, flea market in Yoyogi Park.

Above, rock dancers near Yoyogi Park.

Above, dancers in Yoyogi Park.

Above, lonely cosplayer on the Harajuku bridge. It used to be a big cosplay spot but nowadays it is rare to see anyone posing there.

Above, Hare Krishna in Harajuku.

Above, art project in Takeshita Dori. I got to hold the frame too!

Above, protest against furs.

Above, protest against prime minister Abe.

Above, beach in Kamakura.

Above, traditional Japanese wedding at Meiji Shrine.

Above, traditional wedding at Togo Shrine.

Above, shrine maiden (miko) at Togo Shrine.

Above, waiting in line  for taiyaki in Kichijoji.

Above, waiting in line for pancakes in Harajuku.

Above, pancakes are really popular…

Above, Bon Odori dance festival at Hibiya Park.

Above, Shibuya scramble.

Above, beggar monk in Shibuya.

Above, beggar monk in Ueno.

Above, beggar monk in Sugamo.

Above, at Jalala Cat Café in Akihabara.

Above, Akihabara.

Above, maid in Akihabara.

Above, gaijin interview.

Above, Nintendo DS players in Akihabara.

Above, hanami near Sophia University.

Above, cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Above, in Sagamihara.

Above, cosplayers at the summer Comiket.

Above, polishing Buddha’s head at Senso-ji in Asakusa.

Above, nationalists in Ikebukuro.

Above, hanami in Ueno Park.

Above, paddling at Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park.

Above, posing with the mushrooms character of the Kineko Saibai Kit video game.

Above, mascot of Aomori prefecture inside Ueno station.

Above, my last picture of Tokyo: Tokyo Skytree seen from my apartment in Komagome.

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