Hike to Mont Veyrier & Mont Baron

Mont Veyrier @ Lake Annecy @ On the way back @ Hike to Semnoz

Mont Veyrier dominates the north-east side of Lake Annecy. This article describes the itinerary that I followed.

The trail starts across the street from the lake, near the Petit Port in Annecy-le-Vieux. It goes up in the forest, with the occasional view on the lake and Annecy. At a crossing, I followed the trail towards Col des Sauts. Starting from there, the trail goes along the ridge, with a near continuous view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains, passing through the summits of Mont Veyrier and Mont Baron, until the place where the hotel and ropeway station used to be. Then leaving Mont Baret on my left, I went down the mountain through the forest, until I reached Veyrier-du-Lac. I was at the lake soon after. I then had to walk next to the paved road to go back to the start of the trail and complete the loop. An alternative path for this part is to follow the Talabar trail before getting out of the forest, as detailed here. It is a bit longer though.

Above, at the Petit Port in Annecy-le-Vieux.

Above, trail marker.

Above, the north shore of the lake.

Above, view from Col des Sauts.

Above, Semnoz.

Above, there is no view at the summit.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, former site of the Hotel du Mont Baron.

Above, lizard.

Above, Mont Baret.

Above, looking back at Mont Baron and Mont Veyrier.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, at Veyrier-du-Lac. There is a series of small paths to take in order to reach the lake.

Above, at the lake. Unfortunately, most of the shore until Annecy-le-Vieux is blocked by private properties.

Above, former restaurant of chef Marc Veyrat (now held by his apprentice Yoann Conte).

Above, the Impérial Palace hotel.


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