Hike to Cascade d’Angon & Ermitage de Saint-Germain

After the Roc de Chère, I continued on my loop around Lake Annecy: My next stop was Angon (still inside the village of Talloires). The short path to the so called Cascade d’Angon (Waterfall of Angon) starts there. The waterfall is at the end of a slippery trail carved in the rock. I then kept going up, in the direction of the Ermitage de Saint-Germain. Saint-Germain was a monk who founded the abbey of Talloires, on the shore of Lake Annecy, in the 11th century. The ermitage is a church built on the location where he used to come for retreat. There is also a great view on the lake from there. I then went back down to Angon.

Above, the waterfall (Chute du Nant).

Above, another waterfall (Chute du Grenant)

Above, castle of Duingt.

Above, Lanfonnet.

Above, Tournette lost in the clouds.

Above, Dents de Lanfon.

Above, the path to the Ermitage follows a paved road.

Above, I got lost at some point so I found myself in the forest.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, going down, looking for the correct path.

Above, view from the ermitage.

Above, church and soldier’s cemetery at the ermitage.

Above, Roc de Chère.

Above, Duingt with Taillefer and Montagne d’Entrevernes behind it.

Above, lake and Talloires.

Above, view from the cave of Saint-Germain. He chose his place well.

Above, altar inside the cave.

Above, inside the church.

Above, on the way down.


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