Walk in Amsterdam (Day 1)

This summer, I had to be in Amsterdam for about 1 day. I arrived in late afternoon at Schiphol airport, took the train to the city and spent the evening walking around.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal railway station. By train, it takes just 15min from the airport.

Above, the closest coffeeshop to the station.

Above, separate bike lane.

Above, on the other side of the station.

Above, River IJ.

Above, EYE Filmmuseum.

Above, canal.

Above, at the time, the Netherlands football team were still a contender for the World Cup.

Above, cheese shop. I was surprised by how many of those there were.

Above, Nieuwe Kerk.

Above, Dam Square.

Above, National Monument.

Above, Oude Church.

Above, XXX (from the coat of arms of Amsterdam).

Above, University of Amsterdam.

Above, Munttoren (Coin Tower).

Above, Vondelpark.

I checked into my hotel near the park, ate the space brownie I procured at a coffeeshop earlier and then went back to the city center, below.

Above, Beurs van Berlage.

Above, canal in the red light district.


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