Hike to the Alpine Lake Trail in Chamonix: Lacs des Chéserys, Lac Blanc, Lac Cornu & Lacs Noirs

The visit to Lac Blanc (White Lake) is a classic summer hike of Chamonix: It is possible to get there and back using the Flégère ropeway and a bit of walk. An alternative path to reach that lake (and others in the area) by foot is to follow the Alpine Lake Trail (Sentier des Lacs Alpins): Starting at Col des Montets, it goes through the Réserve Naturelle des Aiguilles Rouges on the north side of the valley and passes by the Lacs des Chéserys, Lac Blanc, Lac Cornu and Lacs Noirs (a slight detour for that one). The other highlight of this hike is the constant view of the Mont Blanc (photo above) and the surrounding mountains. At the end of the trail, the Planpraz ropeway can be used to get down to Chamonix. Probably the best hike I did this summer!

In the morning, I took the first train from Annecy to Chamonix: I had to switch at La-Roche-Sur-Foron and Saint-Gervais. Once there, I took the summer shuttle to Col des Montets. Then I simply followed the trail. There were not that many people until Lac Blanc, which was really crowded. Then it thinned out considerably. At the end, I had to rush a bit to catch the ropeway before it closed. While down in the valley, I strolled around the village until the time for my (indirect) train back to Annecy.

Above, waiting for the bus to Col des Montets.

Above, at Col des Montets.

Above, Aiguille des Grands Montets.

Above, Glacier du Tour.

Above, Glacier d’Argentière.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, Mer de Glace.

Above, tow of the lakes of Chéserys.

Above, the main Lac de Chéserys.

Above, a chamois.

Above, on the way to Lac Blanc.

Above, Refuge du Lac Blanc.

Above, Lac Blanc.

Above, on the path to l’Index.

Above, Mer de Glace.

Above, sheep at l’Index.

Above, on the path to Col de la Glière.

Above, an alpine ibex (bouquetin).

Above, there is still snow there until late in the summer.

Above, Lac Cornu. From there, I made a detour to have a look at the Lacs Noirs.

Above, another alpine ibex.

Above, one of the Lacs Noirs, still covered with ice.

Above, another of the lakes.

Above, on the way to Col Cornu.

Above, Aiguille Verte.

Above, on the way to Télécabine de Planpraz (Planpraz ropeway).

Above, Aiguille du Midi (on the right) on the other side of the valley.

Above, Mont Blanc and Glacier des Bossons.

Above, on the ropeway.

Above, strolling in Chamonix.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, statue of Jacques Balmat and Horace-Benedict de Saussure.

Above, statue of Michel-Gabriel Paccard, who, along with Jacques Balmat, made the first successful attempt at the Mont Blanc in 1786.

Above, Arve river.

Above, railway station.

Above, Glacier de Taconnaz.

Above, Aiguille du Midi.


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