Hike to Lac and Pointe de Tardevant & Combe de Paccaly

The Aravis is a mountain range located west of the Mont Blanc in Haute-Savoie. The area near La Clusaz has 5 Combes (Grande Forclaz, Tardevant, Paccaly, Grand-Crêt, Bella Cha) that can be traversed in one go, although the path is long and not always obvious when crossing between them, as I found out… I went there in July, with the intention of hiking 2 of them: The Combe de Tardevant and the Combe de Paccaly. On the way, I also passed the Lac de Tardevant and went up the Pointe de Tardevant.

I arrived in La Clusaz by LIHSA bus from Annecy in the morning. From the station, there is a regular shuttle service (only in July and August) to get to Lac des Confins. I had to walk on a small road for a bit before the start of the trail proper, near Chalet de Paccally. I then went up and after a while reached the Lac de Tardevant, where I paused for a few minutes. Going up again, before reaching the ridge at the end of the combe, there was a steep and rocky section. Finally, I was a the ridge with a great view on the Mont Blanc. I then made my way to the summit of Pointe de Tardevant, where I had lunch. I then followed the ridge in the direction of the Combe de Paccaly but I strayed from the correct path at some point. After finding the right path through a rock field, I reached a small pass with the Combe de Paccaly and the Trou de la Mouche (Fly Hole) on the other side. There, I got confused, since instead of something that looked like a path, there was just a very steep rock field. It took me a long time to get down to the trail that goes up the Combe de Paccaly: I had planned to go to the Tête de Paccaly but I was short on time, so instead I went down the Combe and rejoined the trail I had taken on the way up in the morning. I then took the bus back to the village of La Clusaz and strolled around until it was time to get back to Annecy.

Above, Lac des Confins.

Above, Combe de Bella Cha.

Above, Golf des Confins.

Above, looking west, with La Tournette in the background.

Above, Combe de Grand Crêt.

Above, start of the trail near Chalet de Paccaly.

Above, Combe de Paccaly.

Above, Lac de Tardevant.

Above, Pointe de Tardevant.

Above, grazing sheep.

Above, Pointe de Tardevant.

Above, on the ridge, looking south.

Above, Combe de Tardevant.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, path to Pointe de Tardevant.

Above, Mont Fleuri.

Above, Combe de la Grande Forclaz.

Above, summit of Pointe de Tardevant.

Above, the lake seen from Pointe de Tardevant.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, looking towards the Grand Bornand.

Above, from the Ambrevetta.

Above, surveying where I would go next.

Above, Pic de Jallouvre and Pointe Blanche, in the Bornes Massif.

Above, I realised there I had strayed from the correct path.

Above, on the path.

Above, at the pass between Combe de Tardevant and Combe de Paccaly.

Above, Combe de Paccaly and Trou de la Mouche on the other side.

Above, on the way down to Combe de Paccaly..

Above, Tête de Paccaly.

Above, Trou de la Mouche.

Above, on the trail at last.

Above, Chalet de Paccaly.

Above, Lilium Martagon.

Above, Combe du Grand Crêt.

Above, Combe de Bella Cha.

Above, lake back at Les Confins.

Above, in La Clusaz.

Above, church of La Clusaz.

Above, Combes des Aravis.

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