Miso Ramen / Shoyu Ramen at Kotteri Ramen Naritake in Paris

Above, Miso Ramen, with extra chashu and flavoured egg.

When I lived in Paris, I came often to Naritake: After trying a few of the ramen places in the area (the nearby Rue Sainte-Anne is packed with them), I settled on this restaurant as the best and most decadent of the bunch. I always had the miso ramen and I loved it. However, this time must have been an off day because the soup was so incredibly salty as to be pretty much inedible. I could not eat more than a few bites.

Above, Shoyu Ramen, with extra egg. I actually went back the next time I was in Paris that summer. This time, I tried the Shoyu Ramen and it was pretty good: It reminded me of Ganko.



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