Hike to Chalets de l’Eau Froide

The Chalets de l’Eau Froide are emergency huts in the Bauges Massif. They are rumoured to have one of the best views on the Lac d’Annecy from the southern direction. However, there was a thick fog when I arrived there so I could not verify it… I basically followed these directions, with the map here (except at the end, where I continued a bit further).

I came by bike from Annecy to the Parking du Martinet, deep inside the Combe d’Ire in the village of Doussard. This was the location of the (still unsolved) quadruple murder of 2012, known as the Chevaline killings. The road continues in the direction of Col de Chérel but is reserved for forest management activities. The forest trail to the Chalets starts a bit after the parking. After reaching the Chalets, I continued in the direction of the Plan de France. It is one the possible routes to reach the Pointe d’Arcalod, the highest summit of the Bauges Massif. Instead, I continued in the direction of the Col de Chérel (but not reaching it). I then found the road to get back to the Parking and complete the loop. That last part on the paved road really felt endless, so the directions I linked above would probably have been better.

Above, near the landing area for paragliders in Lathuile.

Above, looking towards the Combe d’Ire.

Above, the Ire river.

Above, Mont Trélod.

Above, Lac d’Annecy in the fog.

Above, Chalets de l’Eau Froide.

Above, looking at the other side of the Vallon de Saint-Ruph.

Above, Pointe de Vélan.

Above, some cows on the way to Plan de France.

Above, Plan de France.

Above, Mont Trélod and Montagne du Charbon, on the other side of the Combe d’Ire.

Above, Col de Chérel.

Above, Mont Trélod.

Above, Ire river.

Above, La Tournette in the clouds.

Above, Montagne du Charbon.

Above, Roc des Boeufs.

Above, Dents de Lanfon and Lanfonnet.

Above, last ray of sunligh in Duingt.

Above, climbing rock in Duingt.

Above, red Dents de Lanfon, seen from a beach in Sévrier.

Above, Mont Veyrier.

Above, the Libellule floating restaurant.


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