Hike to Montagne de la Mandallaz

The Mandallaz is a small mountain located at the north-west of Lac d’Annecy, between Annecy and Geneva. This page has an itinerary (although not the one that I followed) that starts in the village of Balme de Sillingy. It gives a good view of the fault mirror at the base of the mountain.

I went by bike to Metz-Tessy and parked it south of the Bois des Machurettes. I then took the trail in the forest. After leaving the forest, I walked in direction of the Mandallaz using the paved road and then muddy forest roads. Finally, I arrived at the trail to reach the summit. After the summit, I went back using basically the same path.

Above, Bois des Machurettes.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz.

Above, Lake Annecy.

Above, on the trail to the summit.

Above, view near the summit.

Above, the summit does not have a view.

Above, on the way down.

Above, back at Bois de la Machurette.

Above, Fier river, on the way back to Annecy (near the hospital).


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