Hike to Pointe Percée

At 2750m, Pointe Percée (Pierced Peak, so named because of this hole) is the highest peak in the Aravis range. It is also a very popular hike in the area, although it can be challenging. I followed this itinerary (Cheminées de Sallanches on the way up, standard trail on the way down).

Here is a map of the path I walked (download KML):

I arrived at Le Grand-Bornand by LIHSA bus from Annecy. I then took the summer shuttle to l’Auberge Nordique, a hotel in the Vallée du Bouchet. From there, I followed the paved road for 30min to reach the trailhead near the parking. I then made my way to the Refuge de Gramusset. It is at the edge of a large limestone plateau at the foot of the Pointe Percée. From there, I first went to the Col des Verts, south of the Pointe Percée. From the ridge, I had a great view on the other side and the Mont Blanc. I continued on the ridge until the start of the so-called Cheminées de Sallanches (Chimneys of Sallanches, named after the village below), which is an alternative path to the sumit. This part was more climbing than hiking. However, even though it was quite vertical, it looked more difficult than it really was and climbing equipment was not really needed (which was just as well since I had none with me). After a while, I rejoined the standard path a bit before reaching the summit of the Pointe Percée. I ate lunch there then went on my way down. This time, I started on the standard path but I lost it at some point… A few difficult parts followed but I made it back to the limestone plateau with all my limbs. I then followed the path to the emergency hut and continued on to the valley. I reached the Auberge Nordique just in time to catch the shuttle back to Le Grand Bornand. Finally, I walked around the village while waiting for the bus back to Annecy.

Above, Vallée du Bouchet. The tip of Pointe Percée can be seen in the bakground.

Above, on the trail.

Above, a better view of Pointe Percée.

Above, almost at the Refuge.

Above, Pointe Percée.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, on the way to Col des Verts.

Above, Pic de Jallouvre and Pointe Blanche, in the Bornes Massif.

Above, an alpine ibex (bouquetin).

Above, the rock field on the way to Col des Verts.

Above, the Mont Blanc from the ridge of Col des Verts.

Above, a plaque in memory of someone who died on the Chimneys serves as a last warning.

Above, the start of the famous Cheminées de Sallanches!

Above, this stone marks the end of the Chimneys.

Above, the standard path.

Above, Col des Verts.

Above, the last ridge before the summit.

Above, christian cross at the summit.

Above, looking towards Cluses.

Above, Vallée du Bouchet.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, British climbers.

Above, on the way down.

Above, Col des Verts.

Above, an ibex sniffing rocks.

Above, back at the Refuge.

Above, butterflies.

Above, back at Vallée du Bouchet.

Above, cow fountain in Le Grand-Bornand. They sure love their cows over there…

Above, church.

Above, the Combes des Aravis.

Above, on the way to the highway bus station.


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