Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort (Qila Rohtas) is a historical garrison fort located near the city of Jhelum in Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in the 16th century under the orders of Afghan king Sher Shah Suri, to subdue the rebellious tribes of the region. It was captured by Mughal emperor Humayun in 1555. Rohtas was also occasionally used for administrative purposes by the Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh after he captured it in 1825.

Above, on the road to the fort.

Above, mud brick factory.

Above, Khwas Khani Gate.

Above, inside the fort.

Above, Talaqi Gate.

Above, Sikh-era Man Singh Haveli.

Above, execution platform.

Above, Shahi Mosque.

Above, Kabuli Gate.

Above, view from the Man Singh Haveli.

Above, bee hive in the Haveli.

Above, Sohail Gate.

Above, on the other side of Sohail Gate.

Above, crossing a river on the way back from the fort.

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