Walk on The Mall, Lahore

The Mall in Lahore, Pakistan is Lahore’s primary and most famous road. It was constructed under the British Raj and was nostalgically named after The Mall in London. The Mall holds significant historical and cultural value, as most of the buildings lining the road are a collection of Mughal and colonial-era architecture, the majority of them built during the Raj era.

Above, WAPDA House, just after exiting the Lahore Zoo.

Above, walking along The Mall from the zoo to Jinnah Garden.

Above, walking in the other direction after exiting Jinnah Garden, towards the Lahore Museum.

Above, the pavement was closed for security so I had to walk on the road.

Above, Punjab Assemly Building.

Above, Lahore Court.

Above, General Post Office (GPO).

Above, YMCA building.

Above, University of the Punjab.

Above, Lahore Museum.

Above, Zamzama gun.

Above, plane at the Lahore City Hall.

Above, waiting for my driver in front of the Lahore Museum.

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