At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY: 148th floor observatory

On my third and last day in Dubai, I went back to Burj Khalifa, this time for the so-called “At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY” experience. At 555m, it is the highest observation deck in the world (as attested by a plaque from the Guinness World Records). It opened a few months ago and is located on level 148 of the tower. There are 163 floors in total so it is almost at the top.

I had bought my ticket in advance (for an entrance around noon) when I was there on the morning on my first day in Dubai: It costs much more (400AED or 100€) than the normal one (“At the Top, Burj Khalifa”, with no SKY), which only goes to the observatory on level 124. However, beyond the observation deck, the SKY package is also a bit of a VIP experience: There is a waiting lounge where coffee and dates are served. When the time comes (I waited about 10min), a guide leads a group to the elevators bypassing any waiting lines along the way. At the lounge on level 148, waiters walk around offering free pastries and fruit juices. The observation deck itself is very similar to the one on level 124 (even though the orientation is slightly different). The glass panels have large holes so it is possible to take great pictures. Note that the outdoor deck is only on one side of level 148: The other walls have windows (with no holes). When I decided I was done on level 148, an elevator got me down to level 125, which has no outdoor observation deck, just windows all around. Then, I had to take yet another elevator to go down to the ground floor and the Dubai Mall.

Having done both, compared to simply going with the normal ticket (and only to level 124), I would say the SKY is not really worth it for the view alone: Level 124 is already so high relative to the surrounding area that the view does not seem much different on level 148. However, I liked the fact that there was very little wait (even in the middle of the day) and the general experience was very pleasant.

Above, SKY waiting lounge.

Above, the 148th floor.

Above, Dubai Fountain.

Above, Dubai Mall.

Above, Emirates Towers.

Above, the outdoor observation deck on level 148.

Above, looking in the direction of the Dubai Marina.

Above, Jumeirah Beach.

Above, The Palace Downtown.

Above, the basin of the Dubai Fountain.

Above, looking towards the World Islands.

Above, Guinness World Records certificate for highest observation deck in the world.

Above, the lounge on level 148.

Above, financial district.

Above, Metro station.

Above, on the 125th floor. This floor does not have an outdoor observation deck.

Above, the observation deck on Level 124.

Above, near the basin in Dubai Mall. After the observatory, I walked around the basin for a bit but soon settled at a café in Souk Al Bahar smoking sheesha for a couple of hours.

Above, the midday show of the Dubai Fountain was just starting. There was not nearly as many people as for the night shows.

Above, The Address Downtown.

Above, Souk Al Bahar.

Above, the basin near the café where I had my sheesha.

Above, a last view of Burj Khalifa.

Above, Dubai Mall.


5 thoughts on “At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY: 148th floor observatory

  1. Wow. Really good view and pictures.
    Thank you so much for all the imfo and pictures.

    Can you please tell me what hour of the day you got there (because there are just few people there and I like that).

    On the 124th floor there are any holes in the windows (for photography)? Do you have the same angles to take photos with poll and other stuff down there?

    Than you again.

  2. Hello, I was there on the 22/7/16 and lost my ticket to download the photos, that your staff took, can you send me the link to download?

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