Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai & Deira

On my last day in Dubai, I checked out from my hotel early and headed to the Dubai Creek area. I started first in Bur Dubai, where the original inhabitants of Dubai settled in the early 19th century. I walked along the Creek (the promenade is interrupted by construction work though). I then visited the Dubai Museum and walked in the area. I crossed the Dubai Creek using one of the many abras and arrived in Deira, where I visited the souk next. I crossed the Creek again: I had to be at the Burj Khalifa to visit the observatory (the ticket was tied to a specific time) so I left the area for a few hours. When I came back, I continued at the same point as I left and visited the Heritage Village in Bur Dubai. There was not much activity there, maybe because it was a bit late. I walked along the Creek until I reached the mouth, then settled at a café, smoking sheesha until nightfall. After that, I crossed the Creek again to visit the spice and gold souks of Deira at night. Then it was time to go to the airport to catch my plane back to Lahore.


Above, near the Bur Juman Metro station, in Bur Dubai.

Above, Dubai Creek.

Above, the historic district of Al Bastakiya.

Above, remaining section of the old city wall.

Above, at the Dubai Museum.

Above, reconstructed dwelling of the original ruler of Dubai.

Above, the inside of the museum shows the traditional life of the people of Dubai through mannequins.

Above, Grand Mosque.

Above, near the hindu temple. The narrow street was really crowded.

Above, on an abra to cross the Creek. It only costs 1AED (20¢), which must be given to the driver when coming aboard. They depart every few minutes.

Above, in Deira, on the other side of the Creek.

Above, the local Shahi Qila.

Above, in the souk.

Above, entrance to the spice souk.

Above, crossing the Creek again to get back to Bur Dubai.

Above, Heritage Village.

At this point, I took the Metro to my appointment to the Burj Khalifa observatory. But I came back later in the afternoon.

Above, at the Heritage Village.

Above, Diving Village.

Above, the old fishermen of Dubai.

Above, the current fishermen of Dubai.

Above, at the mouth of the Creek. There is a military installation so that is as far as I went.

Above, sitting down at a café next to the Creek.

Above, my sheesha (mint).

Above, stray cats.

Above, Burj Khalifa from afar.

Above, Deira seen from the Heritage Village. I crossed the Creek again using an abra then walked in the souk.

Above, spice souk in Deira.

Above, gold souk.

Above, lobby of Dubai Airport.


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