Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It was completed in 2007 (although the gardens are still a work in progress). The mosque is quite far away from downtown Abu Dhabi so I went there by public bus. I missed the stop and I found myself in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the bus to go back towards downtown. Anyway, I finally got in: To enter, one must follow a blue path to a parking next to the mosque. Entrance is free and even non-muslims can come in. The mosque looked really beautiful, all in austere white with colourful decorations in contrast. I took a taxi on the way back downtown (40AED).

Above, view of the mosque coming from the bus stop.

Above, it is not possible to enter through the main gate. Instead, I had to follow the blue path along the fence until a car parking near the mosque.

Above, abayas and thawbs can be borrowed if wearing clothing deemed unsuitable for the mosque.

Above, the main hall of prayer.

Above, minaret.

Above, carpet inside the prayer hall.

Above, mihrab.


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