Walk in Amsterdam #2

I walked from De Pijp to the canals at the center of Amsterdam. I then headed to Vondelpark. After leaving the park, I walked south towards Beatrixpark then completed the loop.

Above, canal in the morning in De Pijp.

Above, Stedelijkmuseum in Museumplein.

Above, Van Gogh Museum.

Above, Rijskmuseum.

Above, Concert Hall (Concert Gebouw).

Above, temporary ice rink.

Above, “I amsterdam” sign in from of the Rijksmuseum.

Above, Koningsplein.

Above, Flower Market on the Singel canal.

Above, Begijnhof.

Above, entrance to The Amsterdam Dungeon.

Above, National Monument.

Above, Royal Palace on the Dam.

Above, Nieuwe Kerk.

Above, looking towards Amsterdam Centraal railway station.

Above, street in the Red Light District.

Above, Oude Kerk.

Above, bronze sculpture of a hand on breast, made by an anonymous artist, near the church.

Above, Oudekerksplein.

Above, Beurse van Berlage.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal railway station.

Above, in the Jordaan.

Above, Krijtberg Church.

Above, Amsterdam American hotel.

Above, entrance to Vondelpark.

Above, pond in Vondelpark.

Above, Amsterdams Lyceum.

Above, in Beatrixpark.

Above, near Appolohal.

Above, canal near De Pijp.


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