Walk in Amsterdam: Oosterpark, Natura Artis Magistra, Oosterdok, NEMO

Above, flowering tree in De Pijp.

Above, Amstel canal.

Above, swan in Oosterpark.

Above, walking on Mauritskade.

Above, Muiderpoort.

Above, dinosaur statue inside Natura Artis Magistra (aka Artis Royal Zoo).

Above, capybara.

Above, Artisplein.

Above, pink flamingos.

Above, entrance of Natura Artis Magistra.

Above, entrance of Wertheimpark.

Above, Church of Aaron and Moses.

Above, Oudekerk in the Red Light District.

Above, Oosterdok.

Above, tunnel entrance below Science Center NEMO.

Above, Arcam (Amsterdam Center for Architecture).

Above, old boat at the Maritime Museum.

Above, De Gooyer windmill.

Above, Science Center NEMO.

Above, tulip festival on the roof of NEMO.

Above, looking towards the Center.

Above, Maritime Museum.

Above, view of Oosterdok from the roof of NEMO.

Above, Movenpick Hotel and Ferry Terminal.

Above, modern architecture on Oosterdokseiland.


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